Woman fakes kidnapping to be with lover

A French court has handed down a six-month suspended jail sentence to a woman who pretended to be kidnapped in order to see her lover.


The court heard how Sandy Gaillard, 25, an activist with the far-right National Front, caused a huge search that involved 50 soldiers and a helicopter.

Gaillard, who is separated from her husband, was living with her boyfriend but wanted to see a third man when she came up with the plan.

In July, Gaillard sent her boyfriend a text message saying she had been held captive in the boot of a black car. Her boyfriend then alerted the police.

The court in the southern town of Mende went on to hear how Gaillard, after 24 hours, showed up with no signs of any trauma, simply claiming that her abductors had decided to simply let her free.

Authorities became suspicious as her story contained inconsistencies.Gaillard eventually broke under police questioning and came clean.

She came up with the story so she could have some time with her lover in Le Puy-en-Velay.

Gaillard has been fined  €5,000 and ordered to see a psychologist. She says her new lover was not part of the scheme.