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What would you do with nearly NZD $1 billion bulging out of your back pocket?

Matching three regular balls will see you almost double your haul to NZD $10, while four balls on your card means a reward of just under NZD $140.



Thanks to the US Powerball lottery jackpot, you could be about to find out.

In recent weeks, the prize has worked its way up to a massive US $700 million. That’s an eye-popping NZD $966 850 997 to be precise, or at the very least a round of drinks for you and your mates in central London and a first class trip back to see the family at home.

You can win the US Powerball jackpot in New Zealand and the UK

Being outside of US borders is no barrier at all. And if you hop to it quickly, you can even gain a bonus 20% off your subscription. Just tap in your essentials and you’re off and running.

Here’s how you enter the Lotto draw.

Head on over to Jackpot.com and participate. Pick your five numbers between one and 69, as well as a Powerball from one to 26, then sit back and wait for the draw in the early hours of Wednesday and Saturday UK time. That’s right, you can win twice a week.

This isn’t an all or nothing game either. In fact there are NINE different ways you can win, with prizes starting from NZD $5.50, for which you only need to match the Powerball itself.

Matching three regular balls will see you almost double your haul to NZD $10, while four balls on your card means a reward of just under NZD $140.

Getting interesting, isn’t it? You’ll love what happens when you reach Daniel Vettori levels of consistency by stringing five matching balls together… you’ll become the proud owner of over NZD $1.4 million just like that.

So what are the Powerball odds?

Just 1:38 for that NZD $5.50 return, all the way up to 1:292 201 338 for the big money prize. That may sound a bit out of reach, but the pot keeps on growing until its claimed with no maximum jackpot.

All that means the odds of winning any Powerball prize are actually better than 1:25.

Gone are the days where you have to tune in to a cheesy live TV show or check the next day’s newspaper to find out your winnings, with Powerball you’ll have an email drop into your inbox to read when you’re good and ready.

How do I get my money when I win?

That will be transferred to your account right away.

We’ll leave you with one more tantalising little fact: the biggest Powerball jackpot so far was in January this year, when it reached a whopping US $1.6 BILLION.

You’ll even be able to look down your nose at the freshly knighted John Key with that kind of amount stashed in your bank vault.

If you want to go that extra mile with your weekly wager, there’s always the Jackpot Club with its weekly and monthly giveaways, as well as a tidy Birthday bonus.

So power up your Powerball today for the chance to earn significantly more than a quick buck.



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