Valentine’s Day ‘just a normal day’ for Kiwis despite spike in adult toy and lingerie sales

While love might be in the air around the rest of the world, Valentine’s Day isn’t as popular with as many New Zealanders as you think.


According to a recent survey, eight in every 10 Kiwis reckon they are not more likely to get intimate on the romantic day than a normal day.

The survey was conducted by New Zealand adult toy and lingerie retailer, Adulttoymegastore, took into account the feedback of 1,000 New Zealanders – aged 18 years.

“We usually see a considerable spike in adult toy and lingerie sales in February because of Valentine’s Day, so we were quite surprised to find out that most New Zealanders see Valentine’s Day as just a normal day when it comes to getting intimate with their partner, as our sales numbers would certainly suggest otherwise,” quoted Adulttoymegastore product manager Emma Hewitt as saying.

“The survey results suggest that Kiwis don’t need Valentine’s Day or their anniversary to remind them to be romantic and intimate with their partner, and many are keeping the spark alive all year round, with a small portion making a special effort for Valentine’s Day and their anniversaries.”

Survey statistics:

‘I am more likely to have sex on Valentine’s Day than a normal day’:

  • 16% agree
  • 38% neither nor
  • 45% disagree

‘I am more likely to have sex on my relationship anniversary than a normal day’:

  • 27% agree
  • 41% neither nor
  • 33% disagree


  • 53% of Kiwis actively try to keep the intimacy alive in their relationship.
  • 52% of Kiwis are confident asserting their sexual needs with their partner.
  • 41% of Kiwis have had sex on a first date.
  • 22% of Kiwis have had sex with someone they met through a dating app or website.
  • One in three Kiwis have taken part in sexting.
  • One in four Kiwis have sent someone a naked selfie.
  • 18% of Kiwis have had sex with someone they consider a platonic friend.
  • 32% of New Zealanders have had a ‘friends with benefits’ sexual relationship.