Twitter reacts to potential ‘Chipocalypse’

While you’re crunching down on your chips in the UK, spare a thought for fans of crisps in New Zealand.


They’re facing a major shortage amid a snack crisis being billed as ‘Chipocalypse’.

Plenty of wet weather across the country has driven up potato prices, with Potatoes New Zealand particularly concerned.

“It started raining in March, and it just simply hasn’t stopped,” head of Potatoes New Zealand, Chris Claridge, told Radio Live NZ.

“Potatoes are actually alive – they need to breathe. And so effectively they drown, and then they start to rot, because they’re submerged in water.”

“You will have new potatoes for Christmas, I promise you that.”

An ordering error from New Zealand supermarket chain, PAK’nSAVE, made national headlines. The chain later downplayed any potential shortage.

Here’s some entertaining tweets on how it all unfolded…