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Top ten reasons to move to Jersey

Jersey is an undiscovered gem close to Britain and France, which offers a picturesque island location and is an attractive place for New Zealanders to further their career.


Many New Zealanders with finance and law degrees are looking for work opportunities abroad. We found ten reasons why Jersey is tailored to your lifestyle.

Jersey Beauport

Bustling Life

Island living offers a refreshing change of scenery for landlocked city dwellers. Its community is friendly, safe and cosmopolitan – offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Stunning beaches, coastline and a picturesque countryside add to Jersey’s charm.

Low Taxation

Your wallet will love you. Jersey’s direct tax rates are among the lowest in Europe, for both individuals and companies – so you keep more of what you earn.

Business Friendly

Working on the independent, well-regulated island means that doing business is easy. The island complies with international bodies such as the IMF and OECD, whose vision and ambitions are supported by pro-business government.

Great Economy

With a booming economy, Jersey supports investment in capital projects and new technologies. It’s a top commercial environment, offering new marina, residential and leisure developments.

Sustained Investment

It’s a great place to set up your company as Jersey offers world-class data centres, telecommunications and modern office developments for an exclusive infrastructure like any other European metropolis.

Friendly Service

It’s so much more than an island – Jersey is a centre for service excellence with over 13,000 experienced professionals contributing legal, accounting, and financial services.

Travel Ease

Exploring Europe is still a comfortable holiday option, as the island is less than 14 miles (about 22 km) from France and under an hour from London. With frequent flights to all major European business centres, including Paris, Dublin and Geneva – Jersey is an accessible destination.

Happy Living

Living on an island, surrounded by the ocean, is a unique experience. Just off the shores of France, Jersey’s cuisine has been heavily influenced by the French kitchen. Wine and dine fresh seafood and locally grown produce at the Michelin-star restaurants. From international film and food festivals to leafy lanes and stunning beaches, Jersey really has something for everyone.

Peaceful Environment

Not only is it a beautiful place, it’s also really safe. The importance of safety and security gives a peace of mind.

Modern Services

An extensive health service offers excellent facilities and very high standards of care. Schools outperform most parts of the UK, and sports and leisure facilities are among the best in the British Isles.

If this sounds exciting, and you are working in finance or law – simply get in touch with Kendrick Rose, and they will help you make island living a reality.