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Top five European destinations for 2013

The best beaches, the best food or the best cultural attractions


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WITH so many different destinations on offer, picking a top five is always going to be a challenge. Do you go for the places with the best beaches, the best food or the best cultural attractions?

Well, if you’d rather not have to choose, here are five destinations where you can have all three.


Home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, museums and galleries, packed with bars serving Catalonia’s excellent food and with city beaches just a short stroll from the centre of town, Barcelona really does have it all.

Top it all off with irresistible Spanish charm, and you’ve got a winning combination for a great holiday in the sun.


Regarded (rather unfairly) for years as Edinburgh’s less pretty neighbour, Glasgow is finally coming into its own and can now hold its own as a top holiday destination in its own right.

Full of lively bars, vibrant shopping streets and friendly locals, when you’ve seen enough of the city you can head to nearby Loch Lomond to experience some of the stunning natural beauty that Scotland has to offer.


Berlin may not be the first European destination to spring to mind when planning your holidays, but don’t be fooled, this Teutonic metropolis can rival any southern belle when it comes to summer fun.

Spend endless days wondering the streets of the old east and western parts of the city, or hire a bike and hit all of the attractions in one go.

When it all gets a bit much, head out to one of the many lakes that surround the city for a cooling swim and maybe a grilled sausage or two.


Set in the ruins of an ancient castle, the city of Split is a sight to behold. The old town is a warren of alleyways and lanes, each with a new surprise in store.

The outlying islands, easily accessible from the city’s port, make great day trips to escape the heat of the city.


The many islands and lakes that make up this unique city are one of the main reasons it makes the top five.

Where else in the world can you enjoy some Scandinavian history before jumping in to the cool waters of one of the city’s many swimming spots.

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