Top 10 reasons for pulling a sickie: UK survey results

Sick days are part and parcel of working life; however Flexioffices had a sneaky suspicion that not all sick days are what they might seem at first. After all, how often can Barry from accounts really call in with symptoms of a rare tropical disease? He doesn’t even have a passport.


2735887916_222920fa33_zFlexioffices’ UK-wide survey asked over 2,000 people in the UK to come clean, telling us the real reasons behind thousands of Oscar winning gravelly voiced renditions of the ‘“there’s no way I can make it in today” call’ to bosses across the nation on a daily basis.

From simply wanting to enjoy the sun, through to feigning a stinking cold in order to watch a major sporting event, Brits even reach for the textbook of sick day excuses so they don’t miss the last day of the sales.

A fuller description of some of the reasons, include:

1. To go to a job interview elsewhere

31% of respondents said they had called in sick in order to attend a job interview, with people in the South West stating this as being the number one reason above all others for having a sick day.

2. I had a hangover

26% of respondents have taken a sick day because of a hangover, with respondents from the North West most likely to succumb to a booze induced day off, closely followed by Londoners and Scots.

3. To watch a major sporting event

11% of respondents have pulled a sickie to watch a major sporting event, with 18-24 year olds from the North East being the most dedicated fans in the nation.

4. It’s nice weather outside

As good a reason as any, especially according to survey respondents from the West Midlands, who don’t need any convincing that topping up the tan is more than enough reason for a bunged up call to the boss.

5. It’s Monday

Simply the fact it’s a Monday is the fifth most popular reason for pulling a sickie. Monday must be getting a real complex, especially following a survey by ITV earlier this year stating that the first Monday of February emerged as “national sickie day”, with workers struggling under the weight of credit card bills, a long wait until the next holiday and wintry weather. Flexioffices’ survey shows that Monday is particularly unpopular amongst 18-24 year olds in the East of England.