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Tips to help you set up an effective office space

Whether you work from home and are looking to expand to a home-based office now or are planning to give your corporate office space a revamp, you should design it in a way that it enhances productivity and promotes motivation.


Of course you want it to look good and polished, but as far as creativity goes, it would depend on the type of industry you are in. On that note, here are a few ways in which an office space can be re-done to boost efficiency and be effective all round. Seeing as how we spend an average of 8-9 hours 5 days a week here, we may as well make it a pleasant environment right?

Let In Natural Light

Yes, fluorescent lights are the norm, but being confined to a room with them the whole day is terribly unhealthy. No wonder people who are forced into such spaces experience depression, anxiety, and in general feel moody and irritated for no apparent reason. The human body is as delicate as it can be strong, and keeping it away from natural light can be detrimental, especially over long periods of time. Open up the blinds when and where possible, and work out a solution for the computer glare which is one of the primary reasons offices keep their blinds closed.

Experiment With Color

Though yes, a serious law firm cannot really put up quirky posters, putting up an accent wall with a pattern or mural on it is possible. Enlist an artist within budget if possible, and give them the basic context of the business and what sort of image you want to portray. A commercial interior designer will also be able to offer backing and support with this, including negotiating on prices and looking for the right talent for the job. Your mural need not be incredibly detailed; so long as it is unique and eye-catching.

Introduce Greens

Not into your diet, but into the office. This is once again similar to staying away from natural light. We need to be with nature, and need to have some association with it throughout the day. The human eye and senses in general are not accustomed to being surrounded by concrete jungles all day, but one does need to pay the bills, so what can be done? Well, bringing plants inside of course. Invest in air-purifying plants while you are at it, such as Aloe Vera and the Snake Plant. Studies conducted in the past have shown how incredibly beneficial this practice is, with proven results in employee satisfaction.

Incorporate A Lounge Area

No matter what your career may be, everybody likes a bit of down-time. So if you have space in the office that you can spare for breaks, that would be highly popular. It does not need to be decked out with anything supremely fancy. A game or two, say foosball for instance and ping-pong, would be fine. A television, stack of books/magazines and comfortable chairs are all it takes to boost employee productivity. Surprising yes, but true. They care that you care, so it is a two-way street.