Tips for getting your garden ready for winter

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Tips for getting your garden ready for winter

There is nothing duller than putting those happy summer memories to bed and getting ready for the winter days.


No more gardening, no more barbecuing, no more swimming in the warm, crispy sun when the garden is in its full glory. However, if you don’t want the efforts you put into your garden to transform it into that little sliver of heaven to go to waste, try these tips to get your garden ready for winter!

Put Your Garden to Bed

You might have heard about this term before. It is basically tidying up the garden beds and covering every plant that is annual; meaning those plants that make seeds and live only a year. The perennial plants however, are designed to grow back year after year even though winter might strike them quite hard. Luckily for the happy gardener, the shrubs go dormant rather than dying during winter.

DIY your own plant covers. You can look it up online and gather up the materials and get to work on a fall weekend. Or you can simply buy them from a nearby gardening shop. Try out several types of covers including Floating Row covers, Hoop Houses and even Cold Frames depending on the garden bed.

Don’t Forget Your Swimming Pool!

Closing up your swimming pool just in time for winter will definitely save up a great amount of money for when you uncover it for the springtime. Keep an eye out for the weather records and cover your pool a couple of weeks before winter settles in to make sure it is well protected. Investing in swimming pool covers is a great idea if you already don’t have any. Make sure you wait until the temperature of the water reaches under 600, for then algae has a less chance to cover your entire pool by the time you are ready to take a dip when it’s spring.

Take Care of the Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget to account for your reading benches, patio furniture and any other seating arrangements you have set up in your garden. You might need some more effort if your outdoor furniture is made of wood and even metal. Make sure you give it a fresh coat of waterproof paint before you cover them up for the winter. Same goes with the metal chairs and tables. If you don’t wish to lock them up in your garage, make sure you once again paint over them with waterproof coating to protect them from rust.

For The Winter Gardeners

Not ready to give up on gardening for the winter then? If you don’t want to curl up on a couch with a mug of hot chocolate, you can still grow some winter vegetables. Although most of us think winter is the downtime for gardening, cool-weather vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, turnips, kale, Brussels sprouts are great winter crops every serious gardener should try out.  Start out by planting the seeds in the early fall itself so that they well are on the way to grow out once the cold air settles in.