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Three top tips for avoiding tourist traps

When it comes to travelling abroad, it can be easy to fall into the same tourist traps as everyone else.



There are, however, a few easy tips and tricks to seeing what the true nature of the country you have visited.

1) Step outside of your comfort zone

This is one of the hardest, but most satisfying ways to travel and you’ll be sure to enjoy a very different travel experience to many of your fellow travellers.

Whilst it is, of course, important to stay safe whilst abroad, trying new foods that you wouldn’t otherwise go near or trying out new activities can lead to some incredible experiences.

Just be sure that you bear in mind the religious and cultural faux pas of the country you are visiting – you don’t want to upset the local population, particularly if you are visiting a country off the beaten track!

2) Go prepared (but still be flexible)

One of the best ways to see the most interesting attractions whilst abroad is to plan your trip carefully.

You may find that certain attractions are closed on particular days or more importantly, special events or festivals take place at certain times of year or at certain times of the month.

If you can arrange your trip to coincide with these, you can find yourself in the middle of something truly special.

3) Interact with the locals (and eat/drink with them too)

There is a very basic rule to ensure you don’t get snared by the average tourist trap restaurant – if you see more travellers than locals eating there, move on.

Whilst not always possible, the best way to interact with locals and get a true feel for a destination is to find the cafes, bars and restaurants that they frequent most.

You’ll often find the food and drink in these venues are not tailored as prominently to the international crowd and as such, you’ll receive a far more authentic experience.

You get to eat the food you are most comfortable with every day at home, so why not try something new whilst you are abroad?