Thinking Bob site is London’s ‘smart’ social club

New to London and struggling to establish a social circle? Look no further than Thinking Bob – a friendship site for the online dating generation.



Dubbed London’s ‘smart’ social club, Thinking Bob isn’t a dating site that creates matches based on someone’s aesthetics or how often you’ve crossed paths with them, instead it’s designed to help Londoners meet people on the same wavelength, connecting people through fun events and socials.

Here are three great reasons to become a Thinking Bobber

1. Affordable rates

Thinking Bob members enjoy all the online chat and interaction plus a host of events and socials every month – all from just £15 a month (with a £1 initial trial month). On average there are more than 55 events and socials every month for Bobbers to chose from.


2. Community appeal

After users create their profile they can then sign up to attend one of the many socials on the Thinking Bob calendar. Each time they meet someone they get on with they can then add them to a social circle area within their account. This allows new friends to see which events they are attending and also allows them to create ‘friends only’ private events in their new networks.


3. Reconnection

Members also include long-term residents reacquainting themselves with the personality and neighbourhoods of the city and the many activities it offers.  And of course Bobber stay members – it’s where their friends are and where they meet new friends and continue to enjoy the city.


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