The first steps to take when a pet goes missing

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The first steps to take when a pet goes missing

Losing a pet is really emotional. Having it go missing is more traumatizing since you have no closure.


Therefore, it’s natural for you to make every effort to look for your pet and make sure that it comes back home. If your dog or cat has been missing for longer than normal, you are probably in a mode of complete panic. In order to increase the chances of you actually finding your pet, there are a few preliminary steps that you can take.

Put Up Posters

This works almost every time. There is a big chance that your pet was picked up by someone else while loitering in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. If your pet has a collar, it would indicate that it belongs to someone and that it’s not merely a stray animal. Therefore, the person who found it is probably trying to locate its owner. Decide on a possible radius that your pet could have wandered off to and put up posters that send out a clear message, even to someone who takes a glance for just a few seconds. A picture of your pet with its name and your details should be sufficient.

Launch a Search

There are also instances when pets get trapped and are unable to return home. This could be due to them getting injured while trying to escape a predator or simply sinking into a waterhole or dense vegetation. Therefore, if you live close to a wooded area or wetland, you may want to launch a small search operation.  Don’t forget to take plenty of rescue Torches with you if you’re going out in the night. However, make sure that you also call out for your pet during your search to make sure that the lights don’t scare them and force them to run further from you.

Get In Touch With the Vets in the Area

If a person finds a pet loitering around, chances are that they bring them over to the vet. An animal care centre is probably the safest place for your lost pet. Therefore, scan through the vet hospitals in the area to locate your pet. Never make the mistake of describing your pet over the phone to check for its presence or absence.  There is a huge possibility that there will be a mismatch and the person talking to you doesn’t’ recognize your pet right away.

Visit the Places That Your Pet Is Familiar With

If the park or the beaches are familiar hangout spots for you and your dog, pay a visit to them. If your dog is lost and can’t find its way home, it’ll probably settle for the next most familiar place. However, there is a possibility that they don’t stick in these places for long. Therefore, go to such venues as soon as possible. It’s important to understand that you can’t do this on your own. So ask for help from your family and friends and hopefully your pet returns back home, safe and sound.