The 10 most popular iOS casino games

The internet is filled with iOS games from different categories, and here you can find the top 10 most popular casino games among iPhone and iPad owners.



People are always on the move, but sometimes that can include long periods of waiting. They usually try to kill those moments with their iPhones or iPads, using various apps or browsing the internet. Most of the time they use their mobile devices to play games, and a lot of these games are casino-themed games or real casino games. With that in mind, we give you the most popular iOS casino games. Some of these are actually available at online casinos, some are just for fun.

1. Zynga Poker

We start this list with the most popular casino themed game in the App Store. If you install the Zynga Poker app you will start with 20,000 free chips, which you can use to compete with over 6 million players on a daily basis. It’s definitely worth checking out because you can practice your poker skills against other skilled players or your friends, but don’t expect anything more than just competing for fun.

2. Fresh Deck Poker

This is another poker app aimed at developing your poker as well as social skills. Well, it lacks the poker action that Zynga has, but it’s very popular. You can customize your own avatar, connect it with your Facebook profile and you can even start it on your iPad and pick it up later on your iPhone. It’s supposed to be the only free game played for fun which uses a random number generator, the same as used by professional online casinos.

3. South Park: Reel Chaos

South Park: Reel Chaos is one of the most entertaining and unique slot games to have come out in 2015. It’s a real video slot game found at online casinos, but you can find it for free too. In the game you will see the notable South Park characters like Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters and the other dressed up as superheroes. Every one of them has special abilities that help you enhance your winnings. Even when you play it for free it is still lots of fun. You can try it on your iPhone at some of the most highly anticipated Australian online casino sites for 2016.


4. Blackjack Free

Blackjack is a staple game for any casino, and this one is the most popular blackjack iOS app in the App Store. It’s a free game with the option to buy some chips if you don’t feel like winning them or waiting for another game. Or, you can watch video ads to get free chips. You can even synchronize it with your Apple Watch.

5. Deal or No Deal

This is a very popular game that has inspired many quiz shows around the world. At the beginning you have to choose a box and throughout the game you select boxes containing various amounts ranging from $1 to $1,000,000. The last box left contains the amount that you can walk away with. In the meantime the banker will offer you enticing offers to make you stop playing and accept his offer. It’s a game with in-app purchases and can actually be found at online casinos in the form of a poker machine.

6. WSOP Texas Holdem Free

An authentic version of the WSOP Texas Holdem game designed in the form of a free iPhone or iPad app. There are multilevel tournaments, WSOP rings that help you climb the leaderboards, free chips every 4 hours, and you can play even anonymously without signing into the app. If you connect it with your Facebook profile you can get $15,000 in chips. It’s a perfect game to play against your buddies and improve your skills by gaining a competitive edge.

7. Monopoly Slot

The Monopoly themed slot played by thousands of iOS users was developed by Electronic Arts, the same company behind PC games like FIFA. As the name suggests it’s based on the game of Monopoly and lets you become a slots tycoon. As you win throughout the game you unlock more slot themes and mini bonus games. It’s a free game essentially, but you can also by coin packs with a price range from $1.99 to $99.99.

8. Roulette Royal

We almost forgot to include a roulette iOS game, and you can’t put a list together with casino games without roulette. You can play Roulette Royal offline with two roulette variations: European and American. You can shop inside the app for some virtual items and it supports HD graphics. All of your results are placed on a worldwide leader board which adds a competitive edge to it.

9. Free Video Poker

MobilityWare advertises its popular video poker game as cheaper than going to Vegas. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of other video poker iOS games in the App Store, but we’ve chosen this one because it has better graphics. There is an ad-free version, but you have to pay a symbolic amount for it.

10. The Price is Right Bingo

One of the most popular bingo games is the last one on our list of top ten most popular iOS casino games. It’s based on the popular American franchise TV show that began in 1956. Here the basics of the show have been combined with a bingo game and a few surprises creating a unique experience. This game too has in-app purchases of packs of chips.