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Te Puke boy saves puppy from drowning in river

A German Shepherd puppy was in dire straits in Te Puke this week, until local primary school boy Logan Lester saw her struggling on the side of a river bank and reached down to save the poor mite.


The puppy, who has since been named River by nine-year-old Logan and his classmates at Te Puke Primary, somehow found her way to the water where she got stuck, and the boy saw her on his way to school.

Despite initially thinking it was an eel, Logan reached down, holding onto a branch for stability, and grabbed the soaking pup out of the water. He rushed to school, where his teachers took charge and took the puppy to a local vet.

The lad told the Bay of Plenty Times: “I saw another paw and then I saw it was a dog. It was cold and shivering and scared and needed someone to help her.

“I picked up the dog, its legs were moving a tiny bit. She’s lucky to be alive. She would have died.”

Tauranga SPCA manager Margaret Rawiri said Logan was a “puppy hero”, adding: “A lot of children would have just gone straight past, he did all the right things.”

Logan will get an award for his efforts from the Western Bay District Council, but it’s not yet clear who will be holding on to River in the long term. Maybe an early Christmas present for the brave kid?



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