Surprising reasons why people migrate

Just because an individual is born in a particular country doesn’t mean that they feel at home there or believe their chance for their best life resides within its borders.


There are many surprising reasons why tens of thousands of people on an annual basis migrate to a country that may be very different than the one in which they grew up or are currently residing.

Escape From Persecution

One of the most common reasons people migrate is because they believe the current atmosphere in the country in which they live doesn’t accept their race, religious beliefs, sexual persuasion or political leanings. Feeling persecuted does not make for a happy life, and migration to a part of the world with more liberal or accepting attitudes can be a positive solution.

Escape From War

Many pockets of the world are consumed these days in perpetual warfare or guerilla fighting that limits the rights, religious freedoms and economic prosperity of its citizens. Many families as well as individuals choose to immigrate elsewhere to escape the ongoing conflict or violence they are experiencing in their current situation.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

At times, Mother Nature does a good job of kicking individuals out of the place they may have called home for decades. The decision to migrate may come about suddenly, due to earthquake and hurricane damage that is irreparable, as well as continuing climate change that causes erosion and other environmental factors causing flooding and other catastrophic events.

Increased Opportunities

As more and more individuals have the opportunity to be better educated than generations past, they refuse to accept poverty as their natural state and migrate in order to enjoy increased prosperity, better educational and job opportunities for themselves and their children. Migration is one way to increase one’s chances for realizing important lifelong dreams.

Reuniting with Family Members

Some people eventually migrate in order to join up with other family members who made the leap to another country years ago. Many migrants want and need the support of family members and the social networking that can only come when all family members are living in the same country.

To Advance Their Education

People become migrants because they want to afford themselves better economic opportunities by enrolling in college and university programs not available in their native lands.


As interracial marriage becomes more common and accepted, meeting someone online who comes from a country half way around the world proves no obstacle to love. One party can choose to migrate to the country of their beloved, or both parties can migrate together to a totally new country that they choose together in starting a new life.

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