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Stay up to date with all the hot summer Touch action

With the winter In2Touch league coming to an end, players from all over London are massively looking forward to an exciting summer of touch!



A lot of leagues are already completely full, but there is still time to sign up and play. It could be as a full team, a small group of friends or even as an individual.

Head on over to www.In2Touch.com/England and join those who have already signed up. Come and join us for some social fitness at its best.

But what if you are already signed up and want to know what happens next? How do you keep “In Touch” and up to date with all that’s going on during the season?

You can do all of this through the In2Touch website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

For up to date information, the rules of touch, fixtures, and results from every London league and across the country, the In2Touch website has it all.

Anyone, even your parents who may live in another country, can keep up to date with how your team is getting on by checking the In2Touch website.

The previous days results are updated the next day, allowing anyone to see how everyone in your division did and where you are in the league table.

Then you can get the team ready to face the next team by having a look at your next week fixture and see if you need to up your game or take it easy!

There are seven venues in London, each with its own page of fixtures, results, and league table. It’s a great way to keep track of how the team is doing especially when it comes down to the final few weeks. A draw or a loss in those last weeks could mean you don’t make it into the semi final playoffs! Something to be avoided at all costs!

Keen to see yourself in action? The In2Touch Facebook page is where you’d want to go next. Our In2Touch Venue Managers are at every venue to help you with a few tricks of the trade and are also there taking team and action shots.

These pictures are then uploaded onto each venues album on Facebook, where you can tag yourself and show everyone that you still have the moves.

Apart from the action shots from all the London leagues, the In2Touch Facebook is what we use to promote competitions, events and tournaments. Go and have a look to see what’s coming up.

This year we have the Free Annual Boat Party on the River Thames on Friday 1 July, the In2Touch Social World Cup on 17th September and the British Beach Touch Championships that take place on 3rd September.

This year is packed with leagues, events and activities all year long.