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Sidelined? Become an O2 Touch venue manager!

If you are looking to get involved with Touch, but unable to play the game, then why not become an O2 Touch Venue Manager?



With seven different locations in London, there will certainly be a venue close to your work or close to where you live. There are opportunities to become a part-time venue manager throughout the year.

If you love sports, and enjoy meeting and socialising with new people, then this could be something for you. All our venue managers work their day jobs and then come out in the afternoons and evening to relax, take in the fresh air, and enjoy helping people with their touch experience.

All venue managers and referees get paid per night that they work. You do need to know and understand the game, but that is the easy part. After a few discussions and nights out with existing managers you will be ready in no time to get out there and enjoy the evenings.

All that we ask of the venue managers is that you be professional, on time, and engage with the teams each evening. There are some managers that have become well known and respected amongst the teams.

There are a few duties each venue manager must carry out each night. It’s nothing too difficult though. For example: Print off the night’s games and score sheets and collect them afterward, set up the fields, and take a few action shots of the teams each week.

But most importantly, engaging with the players is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job and, trust us, it does not feel like a job.

There are also many referee positions available. Throughout April, we will be running Referee Coaching Sessions. These have been put in place to help players understand the game a little better and to attract new referees for the spring and summer O2 Touch leagues.

If you would like to get involved or get more information about any positions available, part time and full time, please do feel free to get in contact with us at In2Touch on [email protected].