Roll Up Roll Up… Come and meet some of our more colourful teams in our O2Touch Leagues

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Roll Up Roll Up… Come and meet some of our more colourful teams in our O2Touch Leagues

With the end of the Summer season almost near we thought we would like to highlight some of our more colourful teams that have been playing in our Spring & Summer leagues for some years now.


Misfits 3

Both these teams play in the Clapham Common O2Touch Leagues and are always up for any tournaments we offer as well as any events, in fact they are generally up for ANYTHING!!

Down at Clapham on a Wednesday night the JIBBERS, never cease to amaze with their regular fancy dress outfits, colourful team kit and ‘sponsorship’, and famous Jibberbox brightening up the common!

• Established in 2005 by members of the England ski team and university of Wales, Cardiff.

• In addition to a former England 800m runner, a full capped Texan Turks and Caicos Islands rugby player and a full capped Sark rugby union player, Jibbers have also had the likes of GB downhill skier, Chemmy Alcott playing the beautiful game of touch for the team.

• Any member who reaches 100 tries gets presented with the sought-after leopard print shorts.

• Since their formation, Jibbers have had over 60 players pass through the ranks

• End of season awards which include best looking jibber – take place every year.

And finally….after 6 years without winning a game, the team decided to bring an element of light relief to their touch matches which lead to the famous ‘jibber box’, the teams regular sideline companion (which still pumps out tunes for the league), clowns, superheroes and other amazing outfits which somehow eventually brought them winning ways winning the B league…..twice!


THE MISFITS play down at Clapham Common on a Tuesday & Wednesday evening and are “the team to beat” as they play some structured touch with some flair. They are a very friendly bunch and are always up for a great time!


• Established in 2007, since then over fifty players have passed through the ranks donning the famous black and yellow jersey.


• Formed and managed by Nick Heath who has lived in London since 1998 – beginning life as an actor and now working as a rugby commentator.


• The team has always relied heavily on an Aussie contingent with a smattering of Kiws, Saffas and the token Brit.


• The Misfits franchise has a proud record of welcoming LGBT members to the team.


• They play in all four seasons of the In2Touch leagues and have featured Men’s & Mixed sides playing on Tuesday & Wednesday nights either in Wandsworth or Clapham.


• Well known for their force of highly skilled ladies, – Misfits celebrate the fact that most if not all weeks the MVP award goes to one of their team members of the fairer sex!


• The Misfits (as their name suggests) like a good night out and are well renowned in the touch circles for their love of the good life and turning up for Sunday league games (mostly donning shades) in a sorry state after a heavy Saturday night on the town. Last summer’s social is remembered only in patches by various members of the team who were there.


• Last season, the Two Brewers on Clapham High Street became their unofficial clubhouse.


• Of the original Misfits line-up, there have been 7 weddings and five babies since 2007 with another sprog due in October.


• The last silverware for the franchise was Spring 2014, winning both Tues & Weds nights in the Clapham Common open league. They may add to their trophy cabinet looking at both the Tuesday and Wednesday league table this Summer Season as they are heading towards victory again.


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