Renowned US streaming service gets out of NZ market

Pandora streaming service will soon no longer be available in New Zealand and Australia.



The provider has confirmed the product will only be available in the United States later this year.

The news comes after the resignation of co-founder Tim Westergren.

“Tim had stepped in to be CEO at a critical time for the company,” said Pandora board member Timothy Leiweke. “He was quickly able to reset relations with the major labels, launch our on-demand service, reconstitute the management team and refortify our balance sheet by securing an investment from Sirius XM.”

Westergren added: “We invented a whole new way of enjoying and discovering music – and in doing so, forever changed the listening experience for millions.”

Pandora’s exit from the continent is not the first. Guvera closed in 2016 and Deezer did the same ealier this year 2017.