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Quick and easy online content promotion tips

Have trouble promoting your content online? Then check out the following quick tips.



Use Content Aggregator Sites

You may be paying a digital advertising agency a lot of money to promote your content on social media. Social media, while important, is not the online popular online platform to promote content. Content aggregator sites, like Reddit and Digg, are often overlooked when it comes to posting content. Aggregator sites can be more targeted than social media networks. Keep in mind that aggregator sites like Reddit attract massive amounts of traffic. So even if your article appears on top of the page briefly, it could amount to hundreds or thousands of people having seen your link. That’s better than nothing.

Sponsor Your Article on a Blog or a News Site

If you want your article to appear on top of a popular website or a blog, don’t hesitate to spend some money to sponsor it. You can sponsor blog posts easily to get them to appear prominently on top of widely read blogs. A more effective method is to sponsor content on established news websites. News sites have sponsored sections to generate ad revenue. Even if a “sponsored” tag may appear on your article or video, it will still be viewed by the target audience. There’s also more credibility to content posted on news websites that lead to improved conversions.

Add Transcripts to Video Content

When posting video content, make sure the video is accompanied by a description and a transcript. These help search engines catalogue videos. Search engines cannot understand the content in videos the same way they can “get” what’s in a written article. But the search engine algorithm will be able to understand what’s in a video transcript, especially with a keyword or two. Your video content have a better chance of getting top results for relevant queries with a transcript.

Get an Influencer to Share a Link

Is no one sharing your article on social media? Then hire an influencer to share your link. Influencers are social media celebrities, both minor and major, who have significant followings and influence on what gets circulated around on various social networks. Influencers can be hired. If you want a piece of content heavily promoted, hire one of these influencers.

Get a Quote from an Influencer or a Celebrity

If an influencer doesn’t want to share a link, you can always get a quote. Influencers are mini celebrities on their own. If your article features a quote from a social media influencer, the influencer’s fan base and following blogs will definitely promote the article. You can pay an actual celebrity for a quote and have all the tabloids feature your product.

Exploit a Trending Topic

Trending topics have high click rates because everyone is interested, even if the interest is momentarily. If you want to give your content quick and possibly viral fame, use a trending topic in your post. This is similar to big brands using interesting current events to promote products. Remember the Royal Wedding between William and Kate back in the day? Now do you remember all the brands, like T-Mobile that made ads based on that event? Newsworthy content works in a similar manner.

In addition, you can convert content into different formats to reach different target audiences. For example, convert an online article into a video to attract smartphone users.



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