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Pitches. Players. Perfection! Spend a summer with O2Touch

With all summer league venues well under way across London, we come to another weeks end of perfect touch action.



This week has been non-stop action for our 7 venues that take over parks and pitches across London from Monday to Thursday evening.
Surrey Quays has seen a record number of new teams enter into the Summer Mixed Wednesday league held there. This has been great for the returning teams, as they will really have to pick up their game if they want to maintain the title against the newcomers.

Clapham Common and Regents Park once again prove to be the King of all venues, with teams and talent just bursting at the seams!! Monday to Thursday evening, the pitches are packed with teams ready to go for gold!

Clapham/Wandsworth is also one of our other popular venues, with most of the playing nights completely full for teams!

With all our venues filling up – it will be great to see the competing nature that this will bring out in all teams. The thirst for first!

Just because the venues are filling up, and the season has already started – that doesn’t mean you will miss out on any action!
Plenty of spaces are still available for individual entry across all 7 venues


SUMMER LEAGUES  Clapham Common – Monday (Mens Mixed), Tuesday (Mixed), Wednesday (Mixed), Thursday (Mixed)  Clapham/Wandsworth – Tuesday (Mens Mixed), Wednesday (MensMixed & Ladies), Thursday (Mens Mixed)  Putney/Wandsworth – Tuesday (Mens Mixed), Wednesday (Mens Mixed), Thursday Social Mixed and Thursday Super League (MensMixed & Ladies)  Regents Park – Monday ( Mens Mixed), Tuesday (Mens Mixed), Wednesday (Mens Mixed), Thursday (Mens Mixed Richmond – Wednesday (Mixed Surrey Quays – Wednesday (Mens Mixed Hyde Park – Wednesday


So as another week draws to an end, and next weeks games already in sight – you can be assured that this Summer with O2Touch is something not to be missed!
For more info on how to get involved, simply email [email protected] or go to www.in2touch.com/uk