Papa John’s wants to be bigger, better than Pizza Hut and Domino’s in NZ

New Zealanders could have a Papa John’s pizza joint in their area pretty soon.



With more than 5,000 restaurants dotted around the world, the global pizza chain is eager to establish a presence in New Zealand.

“We are targeting a total development potential of approximately 100 units for the entire country,” said Papa John’s international business development manager Erin Snyder.

“Typically it takes nine months from the time we sign a development agreement to open a store. Therefore 2017 is not possible, 2018 maybe, if we find a strong candidate.”

But with thousands of Kiwis already munching on Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Hell’s, many question whether another doughy fastfood shop is necessary.

“One hundred stores – that’s a lot. We’ve already got Pizza Hut, Domino’s at that low end line. We’ve got Hell’s pizza which takes that upper end, and then we’ve got the various restaurateurs,” Stuff quoted University of Canterbury associate professor Ekant Veer as saying.

“I don’t think New Zealanders are as closely aligned with pizzas to set up 100 stores. Cheap and nasty seems to be the way we like to eat out.

“There’s still space for good fastfood, but directly competing with other fast food places is probably not the way to do it.”

There are currently 93, 114 and 66, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Hell’s restaurants, respectively, in New Zealand.