Pants down the best reason ever

Pants down the best reason ever

TUBE TALK | With the English pulling down their pants for ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’, SANDRA TAHMASBY examines what other types of ‘no’ days we could adopt here in the UK.


The second annual Don't Wear Your Trousers on the Tube event. London, Britain

THIS week saw the fourth year of brave Londoners leaving their trousers in the wardrobe, and setting out on the tube with NO PANTS – despite the ridiculously low temperatures.

Now, just imagine getting on the Tube and being faced with a whole bunch of pantless people. Anyone who regularly rides the Tube will be used to the token crazies, but this act is the one that puts the pants on the cake.

This tradition started on the New York subway as ‘No Pants Day’, but the English have given it a good go of lifting it off the floor with their own spin: ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’. It got me thinking of what other no days we could have on the tube.

No bra day. No squashing in like sardines day. No minding the gap day. However, my favourite of all would be the: no going to work day, where instead you get to sleep in and choose what you want to do with your day, day.

If we ran a nationwide poll I would predict pants down that this campaign would get the most votes.

‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’ reminds me of the times at school when you had to read a speech in front of the class, and your mum would say, “don’t be nervous, just imagine everyone in their underwear”.

So next time you’re feeling a bit queasy on the tube, look around and remember back to your last no ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’.

Although this is not exactly how we should act in front of a 150 year old legend, oh well, what the heck. See you on the tube with your pants off!