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There are an estimated more than 400,000 New Zealander professionals working around the world and over 100,000 Kiwis in the UK .

Typically, a New Zealand Times reader is a young Kiwi professional who lives and works in London, utilising the city as a gateway to amazing career and travel opportunities. The website and eNewsletter also command a loyal readership from the broader New Zealander community in UK and around the world.


18-23    6%
24-29    32%
30-35    41%
36+        21%

Female   57%
Male        43%

New Zealander  86%
UK                           11%
Other                        3%

Key employment sectors:
Teaching                                                 17%
Engineering & Construction                16%
Accounting-Banking-Finance              15%
Secretarial-Office                                   13%
Media                                                       12%
Nursing & Care                                      10%

Where they currently live:
West & South West London                 54%
North London                                          15%
East & South East London                   12%
Central London                                         5%
Rest of the UK                                         11%
Rest of the world                                       3%

(Source: online reader survey, in conjunction with Imaginative Traveller)

When Kiwis come to the UK, they:

  • Are amongst the highest skilled employees
  • Have a high disposable income
  • Develop strong business and social networks
  • Have an enhanced sense of patriotism
  • Become involved in community sports leagues
  • Lead incredibly active social lives
  • Travel overseas extensively
  • Impart their knowledge and experience on to their compatriots
  • Become a valued part of and contribute to the wider UK community

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