O2Touch September Shootout draws closer

This past week saw 105 teams play in the final week of the O2Touch summer competition.



Starting on Monday and continuing right through until Thursday evening, the park was hit with finals fever and, boy, did the teams turn up and play. Out of all 105 teams, there would only be 20 winners, with men’s and mixed division finals being played to see who was the best team each night and in each division.

Congratulations to all the teams for winning their respective divisions. To have a look at all the winners, please go to www.in2Touch.co.uk/England

Monday saw Construct Recruitment Men’s beat Doggies in division one and Meinhardt had a close game against the Monday Individual Men’s, but came out on top. In the mixed divisions, the winners were Construct Recruitment Mixed, Pistonheads – RP and Dynamic Touch.

Tuesday saw the Atlantic 6ers win and so too did London LadyBoys, Evolution FTNP and Love to Dump. On Thursday, we had the Artful Dodgers take the trophy in both the men’s and mixed one division. While team EY managed to easily overcome Mixed Allsorts in the second mixed division.

We cannot forget about the die-hard teams and players that unfortunately did not manage to get into a final. Throughout the summer everyone put his or her bodies on the line to turn up each and every week. Albeit to enjoy and play touch with friends, family and colleagues, but without their dedication and enthusiasm to play and continually learn the game of touch, these leagues would not have run as well as they do.

There are also many photos and a few videos that the venue managers have taken. Make sure to take a look at the In2Touch Facebook page to see what you have missed out on.

A BIG WELL DONE to all players, teams, supporters – and especially team organisers – for making this season of O2Touch the biggest one yet.

One final thank you goes to the venue managers and referees, who give up their free time to come down each week. They are there to manage the game and help the newer teams learn the rules and to get up to speed with other teams. Again, without them, these leagues would not run at all. THANK YOU to Steve, Jono, Shannon and George for all your efforts throughout the 2015 O2Touch summer season.

For those team and players that have entered into the Regent’s Park September Shootout, have a great weekend and we cannot wait to have you out there playing touch with us again!