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NZ Transport criticised by Green Party

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has come under fire for spending billions of dollars on new roads without taking into account the needs of electric car drivers.



Gareth Hughes, spokesperson for the Green Party, told Stuff.co.za that the government should be taking steps to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

“We could have developed a network of fast-charging stations across the state highway network for $10 million but there has been almost no leadership shown by the Government,” he said.

“Electric cars are a positive solution for New Zealand, which imports $8b of oil annually.”

The NZTA has also been criticised for not ensuring the new roads met requirements for dynamic wireless power transfer, a system which could see electric cars charged while driving on the road.

Dynamic wireless power transfer is set to undergo testing in England soon, and France and Italy in the near future.

Image: Shutterstock