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New Zealanders cry about new crude “cloud” sculpture in the sky

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a male appendage.


An aluminium art piece has been unveiled at a railway station in New Lynn, a suburb near to Auckland, New Zealand, confusing commuters and causing much amusement.


The phallic piece of art is called “Transit Cloud” and was created by sculptor Gregor Kregar, artist wife Sara Hughes and architect Davor Popadich. It was commissioned for £97,000 by Auckland Council.

The public have taken jabs at the artwork, claiming it is inappropriate, especially in such a prominent location.

Kregar tolde the New Zealand Herald that he found the public’s reaction “a little upsetting” but that: “Art is out there to stir reaction.”

Well this penis, sorry, piece, certainly is stirring up something!

Photo by Youtube.com/NZTV