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New Zealand: More than Sheep and Rugby!

New Zealand seems to be known for two things more than any others. These two things are – you guessed it – sheep and rugby! There are good reasons for this, especially when it comes to the sheep – our woolly four-legged friends outnumber the people in New Zealand at a rate of roughly seven to one!


Photo by: whakarewarewa.com

THERE are more than 30 million sheep in the land of the Kiwis. That is an incredible statistic. However, apart from the fact that you can get some really good lamb chops out there, this doesn’t provide much of a reason to go to New Zealand for a holiday.

To remedy that, we’ve come up with a few ideas of our own, places you should definitely visit and attractions you should definitely see, in order to get the most out of NZ. Here are our suggestions!

Take in Milford Sound
This wonderfully isolated corner of the Earth is one of New Zealand’s most famous attractions, and it’s all to do with its startlingly incredible natural beauty.
Milford Sound is a truly awe-inspiring sight – the fjord (which you’ll find at the south-western tip of NZ’s South Island) offers up gorgeous coastal vistas, the dark blue of the waters contrasting wonderfully with the many white-capped peaks.
Go along in the rain for an even more amazing experience (now there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say…) – a downpour means many impromptu waterfalls show up!

Experience Some Maori Culture
The best way to get a feel for the ways of the Maori is by visiting a marae, or meeting ground. You’ll be greeted with a powhiri, and then challenged with a wero. If you make it clear you come in peace, you will be welcomed in. Remember to take off your shoes, and settle in for a cultural performance. The best place for this is perhaps Whakarewarewa Thermal Village.You should also try and experience a hangi, a traditional feast. You’ll chow down on steamed pork, lamb, beef, chicken, sweetcorn, pumpkin, cabbage and kumara (sweet potato). Other Maori foods to try include mutton birds (petrel), tuatua (shellfish) and kina (sea urchins).

Go for a Walk on Ice
On the west coast, you can find two enormous glaciers – Fox and Franz Josef. These ginormous chunks of ice have made their way into temperate rainforest areas, creating a unique spectacle quite unlike anything else around. You really can’t find this sort of experience anywhere but in New Zealand, so make sure you visit cheapflights.co.nz and book your flights as soon as possible!

Both glaciers are found within the Westland National Park, which is a sight in itself, comprising mountains, snowfields, lakes, rivers and forests. But the main attraction is definitely the icy behemoths – we’d recommend going for a helicopter flight around the area for the most spectacular views.

An unforgettable experience involves going for a guided walk on the ice, which is a stunning blue in colour. The guides are all very knowledgeable, and all necessary gear (like crampons) are provided as part of the package. Amazing stuff.


Photo by: whakarewarewa.com