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New Zealand politicians genuinely worried about Trump

New Zealand may be literal day away from the USA, but Kiwi politicians have voiced their real fear that Donald Trump could take over from Barack Obama as president.




National MP Chester Borrows told the New Zealand Herald that he was concerned that Trump could realistically beat out Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Borrows said: “I’m like a lot of people – I’m a bit scared about it. I’m worried about Trump being elected as a president.”

Green Party MP James Shaw was even more discriptive, adding: “It’s a bit like a horror movie. I’m sort of glued to it but I can’t keep watching.”

Another MP, who went to the party conventions in the USA recently, said he was shocked by how ‘visceral’ the hatred of Clinton was amongst Trump’s supporters.

National MP for Bay of Plenty Todd Muller reported: “I was absolutely struck at the Republican convention at how visceral their dislike of Hillary Clinton was.

“It was at a level that I’d never experienced in the New Zealand context.

“And then to see that replicated to a similar extent at the Democratic convention – not only their dislike of Trump but some Democrat supporters’ dislike of Clinton – it was palpable.”

National’s junior whip, Jami-Less Ross said that New Zealand’s politicians were nowhere near as unpleasant to each other.

Ross said: “We’re so lucky in New Zealand that we actually get on well as politicians most of the time.

“In the US, they just seem to hate each other and there’s huge divisions between the parties.

“I hope that whatever happens they can actually function as a government and function as a congress and president working together.”