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Moving to the UK: Tips from Teaching Personnel

Moving house can be a real pain, moving country even more so. Thankfully for all New Zealanders considering moving to the UK there’s a wealth of already established expats ready to advise, and make the transition a lot less painful.



Following are the top tips for setting up a new life in the UK from a trailblazing expat already established within the motherland.

The most important elements to consider when making the move can be summarised in just a few words: Bank, Bed, and Boredom. While compiled mostly for alliterative purposes, organising these basics will provide a perfect start to your UK life.

The most common hurdle New Zealanders face when opening a UK account is that they do not yet have a registered address within the country. The advice here is to research the banks who allow you to open an account with a passport alone, alternatively consider utilising agencies set up specifically to help expats make the move. The benefit of these agencies is that many often help with other necessities like setting up a National Insurance appointment, and even assisting with accommodation.

With your savings now transferred to a UK bank, you’ll need to consider where to spend your first few weeks before seeking long-term accommodation. If you’re moving to one of the UKs major cities, then an internet search will return lists of affordable and convenient hostels available for short and longer term stays. For those outside major metropolitan areas, bedsit websites and forums can also be found online providing temporary accommodation across the UK.

Once the life admin is completed you will need to tackle the final element of the problem: Boredom. All New Zealand expats moving to the UK on short term visas must carefully consider how they spend their limited time here. With the UK and Europe at your doorstep you’ll want to find flexible work, which allows time to travel and experience the countries and cultures now a short flight/train/bus ride away. This means that the best work will be flexible, won’t eliminate your social life, and will allow for long breaks abroad several times a year. Enter: Teaching Assistance.

The UK education system utilises great numbers of Teaching Assistants across Primary and Secondary classrooms. These educators roles range from 1:1 Special Education support, to small group based core subject intervention groups targeted at raising grades among lower and higher achieving students. Not only is this role fulfilling, widely available, and requires no formal experience- you will also only work during school hours (no late night shifts). Even better is that you get a huge six week break over summer, along with week long breaks in the half terms. Teaching Assistance can see you placed in one or more schools on a flexible long term basis up to 5 days a week!

While experience in any type of support or childcare based roles is desired, positions are available for all confident, friendly and supportive persons with an eagerness to make a difference in children’s lives. Teaching Assistance in the UK may be the perfect way to for you to do important work, without jeopardizing your ability to travel Europe and the UK during your stay. Register with Teaching Personnel today and enjoy the backing of the UK’s largest Education Recruitment agency with over 20 years experience!