Mortgages tailored to Kiwis’ needs

The UK is home to over 60 000 New Zealanders. That’s a lot of expats calling Britain home.


THE UK is home to over 60 000 New Zealanders. That’s a lot of expats calling Britain home. Take a stroll through Acton, Hammersmith, Brondesbury, Hyde Park, Cricklewood or Fulham and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Brit who isn’t mates with at least one Kiwi.

Many of these Kiwis are astute business people and contractors, young and old. The UK does still attract its fair share of straight-out-of-school backpackers on working-holiday visas, but there’s a thriving community of professionals and expats with careers, disposable income, and a desire to entrench their roots in the UK for them and their children. Some of them are looking for large mortgages for investment purposes, while others are prospective first-time buyers skimming the surface of the property market.

One of the biggest obstacles these professionals face is how tough it is for expats to get a mortgage. Contractors and freelancers are particularly flummoxed, especially if they are foreign nationals with non-resident status.

Fortunately, there is a hassle-free option that’s tailored to Kiwis abroad.

For seven years, Sable Mortgages has helped New Zealand’s foreign nationals and contractors pick the right type of mortgage that best suits their specific needs. That means that residential, buy-to-let, non-residential and commercial mortgages are all within their portfolio.

And because they are financial planners as well as brokers, they provide expert advice in addition to brokerage. Sable Mortgages is the only broker in the UK that performs detailed research before presenting the client with their options. They understand the UK’s foreign national lending policies and have formed close relationships with underwriters to make the lending process easier. In a nutshell, you get a company that knows how to help foreign nationals who are looking for mortgages in the UK.

“We offer client-centric advice without shortcuts,” says Mike Abbott, Mortgage Adviser at Sable Wealth, whose clients comprise a significant number of New Zealand expats.

It’s this simple, thorough approach that’s made Sable Mortgages the number one mortgage advisor for Kiwis living in the UK.

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