Massive 7.1 earthquake rocks North Island

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Massive 7.1 earthquake rocks North Island

New Zealand’s North Island was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale in the early hours of Friday morning, and a further 140 aftershocks were felt, followed by a tsunami warning on the east coast.



According to the New Zealand Herald: “It hit at 4.37am, around 125km northeast of the East Cape settlement of Te Araroa, at a depth of 22km.”

It was the strongest quake to hit the island in two decades, as over 1000 houses were left without power. Most of the island felt the shocks, though at the time of writing no serious injuries were reported.

There had been a tsunami warning issued as well, but that was withdrawn later in the day.

Auckland-based journalist Aroha Hathaway told the New Zealand Herald, remembering 2011’s quake in Christchurch: “The house starts to shake, and it was a long, long rolling earthquake.

“It was one of our big national tragedies, and here I am in Auckland, thinking I’m safe. Auckland doesn’t get earthquakes … for Auckland to be woken up for an earthquake means it’s a significant shake.”

Watch a few reactions from closer to the coast: