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Maintain workplace safety with these tips

Whether you are an employer or an employee, ensuring workplace safety is consistently maintained is necessary.


Any discrepancies or issues must immediately be reported and taken care of, especially if it affects the safety of everyone there. Now while the dangers you are subject to while seated at a desk are quite minimal (not nil, but minimal), not every job or industry is complacent. Some involve heavy work with dangerous machinery, and warehouses in particular have to be careful about their operations and on-site regulations. With that, let us see how workplace safety can be efficiently maintained.

Employee Perspective

Start from the ground up. Speak to your employees, have meetings, discussions, whatever it takes to bring your safety standards back upto par. What are some changes the employees would like to see implemented, and why? How are the current issues hindering the workplace? Remember, employee safety always comes first, before any business deals and the like. Interact with your employees; not just now, but continuously. You can set up six month meetings to re-assess your position and see what other improvements need to be made if any.


If staff have become set in their ways as of late and are not being as vigilant as they once were with safety regulations, schedule another training session. Re-iterate the policies you have, and take them through each of them. This includes new and old staff alike, to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also obtain advice on how to go about this sort of thing, through services such as OHS consulting Melbourne. Training all the time is not a very feasible idea for a company, but doing it right occasionally can be incredibly beneficial. It will help keep everyone’s memory refreshed, although you may want to look at making it interesting, since they will not pay attention if they are falling asleep through it.

Emergency Protocols

You need to be prepared for anything, including floods, fire, earthquakes, whatever your business is likely to be at risk of. Ensure your office has emergency protocols in place, and that they are trained in them, say fire drills for instance. Everybody should know what they need to do in case of an emergency, and not panic. Running over these emergency protocols periodically is essential to ensuring compliance and efficiency in such cases. You never know how much time you have to take complete action, so being prepared with something more effective is smart, to say the least.

Record Everything

Any accidents or injuries that take place within the premises must be recorded, not just treated. All details should be included for easy reference. You may need these records for other purposes may be not now, but in the future. Note down the nature of the incident, how it happened, when, and what could have been done to prevent it. Then of course look at resolving it 100%. Employees too would feel like they are taken care of, and that their well-being really matters, instead of feeling disposable like most workers do today.