Lorde scores big time at NZ Music Awards

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised Lorde’ achievements since she has single-handedly managed to turn our remote little nation into the coolest place to be on earth. But here she goes and scoops six awards in one go – that’s pop history in the making!


We can firmly assume that Lorde has stopped complaining about the fact that she’ll never be royal. With six awards won at the New Zealand Music Awards, she has surely made it into the ranks of worldwide music royalty, and we think that she is here to stay. The 18-year-old singer thanked her fans for this massive achievement and also extended her gratitude to the Kiwi nation.

“I’ve really run out of things to say now, it’s getting to that point. You have moved mountains for me, you have changed my life,” Lorde said.

Lorde has already picked up four awards at the same ceremony last year with her debut album “Pure Heroine”, but went on to scoop six awards this year, scoring in the categories of highest selling single, best pop album, best female solo artist, international achievement, single of the year and album of the year.

In her thank-you speech, Lorde brought her brother and her sister up on the stage with her, introducing her siblings to the audience. She added that New Zealand was the best country in the world to be a female in the music industry.

There you have it, ladies: go back to NZ and produce that single that you’ve always wanted to record.

(Photo by Molly Riley/Getty Images)

(Photo by Molly Riley/Getty Images)