Life as a Kiwi Supply Teacher in the UK – time to travel!

These travel stories from Kiwis working in supply teaching in the UK are sure to give you wanderlust…


River Thames

With the sun beginning to shine through the grey skies of London, the minds of all expats instantly turn to thoughts of sandy beaches and summer holidays.

While those most prepared in the education industry will have booked these trips well in advance, even the most organised teacher/traveller can’t avoid the school holiday price hikes- at least until now…

Luckily for us the UK education system is currently experiencing a demand vacuum when it comes to teachers; this means there’s a higher demand for flexible supply staff needed to fill gaps while schools look for permanent teachers. A typical supply teacher attracts high rates of pay, and can work as much or as little as they require- this means term-time holidays are no longer off the cards!

“I joined Teaching Personnel three weeks prior to a voluntary teaching trip to India where I was going to help build a classroom, and lead some lessons. I figured that once I’d mentioned the trip I wouldn’t be required till I returned, however, I was put on daily supply and ended up working enough in those three weeks to cover me for another fortnight of travelling! I spent this time relaxing on a beach in Goa- and still managed to secure more supply when I dragged myself back!” – Jess, Supply Teacher

Girls London

“I came to England mostly for the cheap flights to Europe. I thought I’d end up working in hospitality, as it’s all I’d done on my long haul travels in the past. Luckily a friend mentioned TA work to me shortly after I arrived, and I registered with Teaching Personnel. I have been doing supply now in two schools four days a week; I only work weekdays, and still have time to myself on the weekend. The best part is that I am off to Spain for the first time in the summer, and I have a full-time job guaranteed when I come back in September!” – Eva, Teaching Assistant

“Since moving from Christchurch two years ago I have lived and worked exclusively in London through Teaching Personnel. I have done summer in Kos, and ticked off Budapest, Sweden and even Russia in that time- but it wasn’t until this year that I realised I hadn’t actually seen any of the UK! Luckily my consultant told me that TP had some forty branches across the UK, and within half a term I was offered a job in Newcastle! Since relocating I have seen most of the North and Midlands, have surfed in Cornwall, and am due to go to Dublin for Patty’s day next year! – Elijah, Supply Teacher

Hikers observing sunset

Supply teaching offers a flexible way to earn while providing on-going professional development within education. Choose when to work, and where to travel! Register with us on our website and the consultant for your area will be in touch!