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Let the best storytellers walk you through London with Voicemap

Experience London with a personalised tour guide in your pocket. Or tell your own story about your favourite places. Who better to guide you than a local?


There’s a new mobile application doing the rounds in the UK. It’s innovative, it’s convenient, and it’s awesome.

What is Voicemap exactly?

Voicemap is a mobile application that tells site-specific audio stories. And get this, you can choose who you want to listen to. Tour guides, poets, comedians, locals and everyday travellers share their stories for your perambulating pleasure.

Your audio track of choice is triggered by your GPS coordinates, so it knows just when to tell you to look down the alleyway on your right, or stop in your tracks and look up.

Audio walks are available mainly in South African but have extended to Buenos Aires, Tunis, Singapore, Bangkok, Washington DC, New York and Beijing and London.

The app is currently available for iPhone and Android is in development.

Audio walking tours in London

There are currently seven walks in London including the likes of Westminster (walking from the Golden Jubilee Bridge through Whitehall Gardens), Wapping (major landmarks include the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Wapping Pierhead and Prospect of Whitby Inn),Waterloo Station (a quick tour from Waterloo Station to The Beer House), Southwark(following the footsteps of Chaucer and Shakespeare across London Bridge to the South Bank of the Thames), and a History, Health and Hygiene tour of London’s loos in Bloomsbury.


Create your own walking tour and make some moola

Perhaps the best thing about the application, though, is the ease with which anyone can become a storyteller (and get half of the sales revenue on their stories). The app comes with a publishing tool, which allows users to combine text, audio and GPS coordinates for their own personal route. Users can then share their stories for whichever fee they choose.


As a Kiwi living in the UK, this is a great way for you to share your unique experience of your favourite spots (and profit from doing so).