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Legacy Fund set up for Lomu’s family

A legacy fund has been set up to support the family of the late Jonah Lomu following his sudden death last month.



Lomu’s 20-year battle with kidney disease and “generosity” with his finances reportedly drained away much of the great All Black’s resources before he passed away, aged 40.

The New Zealand Rugby Players Association (NZRPA) have now launched the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust to help support Lomu’s two boys, Dhyreille, 6, and Brayley, 5.

Nichol said: “It appears that because of Jonah’s well-known generosity, he had taken on obligations, financial and otherwise, to support others at the expense of himself, Nadene and the children.

“It is also apparent that his twenty-year illness and long dialysis sessions, multiple times a week affected him far more than people realised, including his ability to work and earn the type of money people probably assumed he was capable of earning.

“He was a humble and private person who chose not to seek help or be a burden on others in sharing his immediate challenges.

“Despite his debilitating illness he was unwaveringly optimistic and clearly had faith he would be able to continue working to meet these obligations and to provide for his family.

“Due to his untimely death, we all know this is sadly not to be, and Jonah is now unable to provide for his boys – for their development, welfare and education.

“We believe that once people and organisations throughout and beyond the rugby world understand the uncertain future now facing the boys, many will join with us in wanting to help the big man in what is a time of real need, and ensure a positive future for his two boys.

“Jonah’s immediate family are grieving and finding his loss very difficult to deal with. They have not asked for this assistance. We are hopeful that with a positive response and messages of support they will take comfort and confidence in how much Jonah and his deeds meant to people and how much they want to help.

“For this reason, and with the support of Jonah’s closest friends and rugby colleagues, we have chosen to settle an independent trust with the sole purpose of providing for the welfare of Dhyreille and Brayley, and the education and pastoral care they both deserve and that he would have desired so much for them.”

More information can be found at www.jonahlomulegacy.com