Kiwi teacher in trouble after poo move

A New Zealand teacher is being investigated for an unusual means of punishment used to discipline his charges.



The teacher, from a primary school in Rangitikei on the North Island, allegedly forced pupils to eat their morning snack while looking at pictures of human excrement as they ate.

The teacher had apparently taken photos of human poo that had been smeared on the walls of the boys’ bathroom. The teacher, it’s been reported, believed that the culprit was one of the students in the class.

The principal of South Makirikiri School, Stu Devenport and board of trustees chairwoman Rachel Cunliffe, confirmed that the school was aware of the incident and that an investigation had been launched.

Principal Devenport said that the school had not received any complaints about the incident, but that it was working with the New Zealand School Trustees Association to investigate the report.

“Until the investigation is completed, the board is not in a position to comment further,” Devenport said.

This is not the first time this particular teacher has implemented unusual means of discipline with pupils. Earlier this year, it is reported that the teacher tipped a rubbish bin on the floor and made pupils sort through it.

The school has a zero waste scheme in place and the teacher reportedly became angry with pupils after seeing that general rubbish had been placed in the paper recycling bin.

Head of the Ministry of Education’s sector enablement and support Katrina Casey said that if the incidents described had happened, then they would be considered “very unusual”.

She said that the school had not reported either incident to the ministry, nor was there any obligation to do so. She said the ministry would only be contacted when schools sought advice or assistance.

“It is good to see that the principal and board are taking the allegations seriously and are investigating them. We have been in contact with the principal and the school does not require assistance at this stage,” she said.

A source close to the school, who requested to remain anonymous, said that a group of parents had criticised the teacher, saying that the teacher’s behaviour ran contrary to modern teaching methods.