Kiwi teacher in hot water after orgasm video

Kiwi teacher in hot water after orgasm video

A teacher who showed male students footage of a female orgasm has insisted she did so “because kids get so bored with learning about the basic stuff”.


An educator at Southland Boys’ High School from 2012 to 2016, Dawn Patricia Ganaha has since been removed from the teachers’ register.

After showing the video, she invited a boy to her home twice – and photographed and texted others.

According to findings from the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal, Ganaha showed a year nine advanced science class a TED talk video – titled ’10 things you didn’t know about orgasm’ in early 2015. At the time, the students were studying space and telescopes.

“I was quite shocked, I didn’t see it coming, I was uncomfortable,” said one pupil, while another commented: “I just thought it didn’t relate to anything we were doing. We thought it was a bit odd.”

Ganaha told the Herald: “I made stupid mistakes. I accept it was inappropriate. I didn’t do anything improper, but it looked improper. But for me it was just interesting, it was just something interesting because kids get so bored with learning about the basic stuff that they do, and all I wanted to do was make it interesting.

“The other time was a tutorial that his parents knew about. To be completely honest, all I wanted to do was help the kids. I got overly involved. What I did looked more suspicious than it was. I didn’t do anything improper but it looked improper. They were stupid mistakes and I regret them and I just really want to get on with my life.”

The tribunal censured her and cancelled her teaching registration. She was also ordered to pay $458 in costs.