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Kiwi Lamont happy with first UK race

New Zealand’s Kyle Lamont exceeded expectations in his first British Masters Motocross Championships race on Sunday



The Mangakino rider finished fourth overall in the MX2 (250cc) class at the fifth round of the Championships at Foxhills, near Swindon.

Lamont was happy with the performance in what was his first serious outing since injuring his wrist at a race in Taupo in June.

“The track was so hard-packed and rocky, but I managed to stay upright. The racing was eventually cancelled not long after my second race because the number of injuries had the medics flat out,” he told Voxy.co.nz.

“As for myself, I went a bit better than I expected for my first outing. I was happy with how my riding was after having not raced 25-minute races for so long.

“My team were happy with my effort and so was I, to be fair. I stayed upright all weekend so I was happy.

“My injured wrist is not too bad now. I landed in a hole funny on the second to last lap in race one, which upset it a little, but nothing major.”

The 22-year-old’s next race is the British MX Nationals at Hawkstone Park, in Shropshire this weekend.

Image: Shutterstock