Kiwi Expats enrol to vote in 2014 elections

With just two months until the New Zealand General Election, dozens of expat Kiwis gathered in central London to check their enrollment details and raise a glass to home.


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All photos by Bryce Groves and Kiwi Greens UK

The event was organised by the London branch of the New Zealand Green Party, which has been active in London for six years.

The flock of Kiwis munched on Marmite sandwiches and sipped New Zealand refreshments while updating their enrollment details on tablets and mobile phones.

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London branch co-convener Simon Wood said the Greens were dedicated to ensuring ex-pat New Zealanders had the opportunity to vote in the upcoming election.

The Greens are the only New Zealand political party with a dedicated London branch.

“There are around 60,000 Kiwis living in the UK alone and they deserve to have a say in who forms our government.

“Our job as an overseas branch of the Greens is to get that information out to as many overseas-based New Zealanders as possible.”

Kiwi Greens UK have also set up a voting guide at

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Mr Wood said most ex-pat New Zealanders living in the UK had strong opinions on the direction the country was heading in.

“We’ve found most Kiwis want to return to pristine rivers, clean beaches and a New Zealand that promotes fairness and equality.

“Their opinions count and that’s why it’s really important that we help them have their voice heard.”

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The New Zealand general election is on September 20. Overseas kiwis can check their enrolment and/or register at

Overseas-based Kiwis can vote from September 3 until September 19 by printing out and returning a voting form, or by casting a vote at an embassy.