Kiwi actor of Monty Python and Harry Potter fame dies

New Zealand-born actor Terence Bayler has passed away at the age of 86, it has been revealed, with the news coming out nearly two months after the Monty Python actor’s passing.



According to Radio Times and the Guardian, the Wanganui-born actor died in early August, but news of has passing did not reach the media until this week. He was famous for his ‘I’m Brian and so is my wife!’ ad-lib in Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’.

He was also known as the Bloody Baron, Slytherin House’s resident ghost, in the Harry Potter film franchise, and did a lot of work with the likes of Roman Polanski, Terry Gilliam, and Eric Idle.

Comedy legend Idle, a close friend and Monty Python co-star, wrote on his blog upon hearing the news: “I think the thing I loved most about Terence Bayler was his gentle loving considerate humour.

“I loved his commitment to a role and his high seriousness no matter how apparently silly the part. For a writer there is nothing finer than an actor taking your work and making it better than you imagined it.

“Terence appeared in my play Pass The Butler in the West End in 1983 and was an important part of the little rep company we gathered to take to Tunisia to film The Life of Brian in 1979.

“He was a terrific dead pan comedian and great company and as always with such sad news I instantly miss being able to say hello. Or even goodbye.

“It was a privilege and a pleasure to know him. He enriched my life and I loved him.”

‘I’m Brian and so’s my wife’