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In2Touch wants you to play in its 2015 leagues

Choose between Active touch, shootouts, indoor and outdoor options


With a brand new year and many exciting In2Touch competitions, leagues and parties to look forward to, everyone will be getting their teams together and making sure to get a spot in the upcoming leagues of 2015.

The Touch Winter League that starts on 15 February on Sundays from noon to 3pm at Clapham Common has men’s, ladies and mixed divisions. This is a social league where teams play for eight weeks every Sunday and you can either enter your own team or as an individual and we can put you into a team for the whole season.

There is also an Active Touch league running from 19 January at two different locations, the first venue is at Canary Wharf on Mondays from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm and the other is at The Wandle
Recreation Centre in Wandsworth on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Active Touch is an indoor game that is played with four team members, two ladies and two men for 30 minutes non-stop. It is a fast paced skilful game that is a cross between touch, football, netball, ultimate Frisbee and a few other sports.

There is also an April Shootout happening at Clapham Common on Monday and Wednesday evenings that runs for four weeks. The Shootout is a slightly different format to the normal touch leagues, teams now play 2 x 20 minute grading games against different oppositions on a night and then the finals week is played as drop off versions of the game.

A drop off is normally when a game needs to be decided if full time the teams are tied they go into a drop off. This is played with five players starting instead of the usual six and the first touchdown scored wins the game.

Registrations are now open for all these upcoming leagues! If you are interested in joining these leagues as a team or as an individual then send an email to [email protected] in2touch.com or have a look on
www.in2touch.com/uk for more information.