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In2Touch September Shootout a great success!

The September Shootout leagues in Regents Park and Clapham Common were concluded this past week, and just in time too as the autumn sunlight faded and left the sides with plenty of time to head to the pub for some World Cup rugby action.



This year’s event was the biggest September Shootout yet, with two venues, five nights and over 50 teams taking part in the leagues. This is a great sign for Touch in London, looking ahead to 2016, when the spring and summer O2Touch leagues get under way in April and May.

If you’d like to get involved, the best place to find out when the next leagues are starting is our via online calendar of events. Here you will also find the dates of the free O2Touch taster/training session taking place in Regents Park, Clapham Common and Richmond in October.

After this year’s September Shootout leagues, many teams expressed how much they thoroughly enjoyed the action and it’s not difficult to see why. The leagues only run for four to six weeks and games started earlier (allowing you to get out of the office a little earlier) and ended much earlier too this year, which made the husbands and wives, kids and families a lot happier. For the socialites, it gave them more time to spend in the pubs post-game, to enjoy the free plate of chips and an extra pint or two with the team.

The Shootout leagues, whether they are in April or September, are there to dust off the cobwebs on the boots after being in the back of the cupboard all winter, or to hang onto the fitness that you have built up over the past five months of running around in the O2Touch leagues.

These leagues also give the newly-formed sides time to get to grips with the rules and general game plans many experienced teams know so well. This gives them more time to enjoy the game and practice what they have learnt in the summer months.

For those teams taking part in the winter In2Touch league, it’s a chance to make a few changes and get ready to play against many of the top clubs and teams in London every Sunday at the In2Touch Clapham Common Winter League.

To get involved and find out more about Touch in London or the UK, contact us at [email protected].