Huge ‘kind of yuck’ spider web alarms Tauranga residents

Cyclone Cook triggered a huge spider web, which spanned more than 32 yards, in the Tauranga suburb of Papamoa recently.



The field, where the expansive web was discovered, was flooded during last week’s cyclone.

“There was a bright glistening coming from the top of the mound and it looked almost like the hill was sparkling, but we were unsure why,” Tauranga resident Tracey Maris told Storyful.

“So my 10-year-old daughter and I raced up to look and were shocked to learn it was all spider web.

“Kind of yuck, but really beautiful at the same time. I was amazed being up on top of the mound seeing how far it stretched for.

“I screamed pretty loudly at my discovery.

“My stepson stood inside it and then had spiders crawling over him. The web was really sticky and clung to all of us.”

Canterbury Museum spider expert Cor Vink confirmed, to the New Zealand Herald, that spiders often create big webs after flooding – in a bid to seek higher ground.

The web had, mostly, dissipated by Monday.