How To Relax When You First Move To The UK

How To Relax When You First Move To The UK

Moving to a new country is overwhelming, which isn’t rocket science to understand. After all, you’re leaving behind a lot of what you love to make a new life, even if you’re bringing some of that with you.


showSome of us have emigrated with family, friends or a partner, others arrive entirely alone. Everyone’s job situation is different, too, and that’s before you even start on the culture shock – everything from the weather to the accents. In case you haven’t noticed… New Zealand and the UK are pretty different places.

There are a lot of articles which have been written to try and encourage people to get out there and integrate – which is perfectly right – but you should also remember to take a step back at times as well, so that you don’t become too overwhelmed. So, how can you take those steps to take a break?

Get Involved With Online Gaming

It’s easy, it transcends cultural barriers, and most importantly, it’s entirely asinine. It’s mindless in the sense that it doesn’t matter the outcome, so you can totally zone out! There are plenty of games to play online where winning will give you a real thrill, for example 32Red UK, which has a range of slots and everything else! Bingo is also another huge past time in the UK (granted, traditionally for old people!) but the internet has brought a shift in recent years thanks to the likes of Wow Bingo and Sun Bingo. If it’s all a little much, 32Red does a bit of everything, so you can start small and pick ‘n’ mix!

Get Into Trashy TV

Every country has its guilty pleasure, so if you’re looking for the UK’s, try Jeremy Kyle. It’s a little like Jerry Springer, and you may well be familiar with it from back home. You’ll find that the lovely people from the show aren’t exactly representative of the UK… although you’ll run into a few good contenders down at the supermarket!

Of course, shows about judging and laughing at people (sorry, ‘giving people advice’) understandably aren’t for everyone, and so there are a whole host of shows you can watch which are easy enough to cope with on a hangover or whilst applying for jobs. This Morning and The View are prime daytime watching – just take what they say with a pinch of salt!

The UK does dramas pretty well, as anyone who saw Downton Abbey or The Bill back in the day will attest. They also like their reality, as mindless as shows like the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing can be, they’re actually entertaining!

Brits are also pretty funny, too – trust us! Comedies like The IT Crowd, Inbetweeners and Alan Partridge will be sure to help you relax after a whirlwind of a week, and they’re a great intro to British humour!

Learn Some UK Recipes 

If you’re bored at home and not quite brave enough to venture out yet too often, you can always immerse yourself in the culture with some comfort food. Brits love their dairy and their potatoes, sausages and pies, as well at the classic meat and two veg. It might not sound too healthy, but they’re improving in recent years!

Perhaps the most iconic British foods are the roast dinner and fish ‘n’ chips. A roast, as it’s lovingly referred to, is traditionally served up on a Sunday, so it’s a quaint little habit to fall into nice and early. It’s just like roasting meat back home; but the trimmings may be a little different. Top tip? Learn how to make Yorkshire puddings. They’re an absolute staple, and once you’re converted, you can see why they take pride of place with some yummy gravy!

pudsAnd Now You’re Ready…

You can’t lock yourself away forever, but you can count the above as ‘casual research’. Of course, you should do some actual research by keeping on top of the news from a relatively credible source like The Independent, and keeping an eye on online trends, the football scores, and things like bands coming to town.

Nothing beats getting out there though, so you should head out to explore. Join clubs, take classes and immerse yourself stuff inside and out of work for the most seamless integration possible.

Remember, you now have some very British ways to chill out after!