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How to plan a backpacking trip to the beach with your friends

A backpacking trip with your best buddies can be one of the most relaxing and life-changing experiences that you will ever have.


A holiday is not just about being independent and exploring the world. It is also about feeling a sense of achievement that can help us tackle the challenges that we have to face in our day- to-day life. However, planning the backpacking trip should always be fun and interesting and also smart so that all of you get to enjoy the best possible holiday. If you are thinking about planning such a vacation, here are some tips that can help you all out.

Where Will You Be Travelling To?

You will first need to know where you will be travelling to. The world is your playground so choose whatever country or city you like. Of course be sure to make note of any countries that are facing turmoil at the moment and could not be entertaining that many tourists from around the world. Apart from that if you feel like a location is safe and will give you all something different to experience, discuss it with the rest of your travel companions and decide where you will go. You will need this in order to book flights for your journey in advance.

Devise Means of Cutting Costs

A backpacking trip is meant to be done with minimal costs. Therefore staying at luxury beach resorts eating the most expensive seafood every day and drinking champagne is not what you are looking for. Also it is worth noting that in any destination in the world, in order for you to feel the way the locals do and sample their lifestyle, you really need to come outside your accommodation and mingle with the locals, eat from places they go to and hang out like you are at home. Of course excise caution by all means but also experience it. One way of cutting costs would be to get a campervan hire because that way all you will only be paying for the fuel. Whereas otherwise, you will be paying for fuel, transport and also accommodation. You can even cut down on your food costs because you can actually buy the local ingredients and cook your own meals in the caravan.

Plan Enough Activities

Next, start planning out the various activities that you would like to take part in. You must get the input of your friends on this and make sure that all of you are comfortable taking part in the activities that you planned out. Watersports is a really good way to go because there is sure to be something that everyone in your travel group can enjoy. You can also all take diving lessons depending on your location and go out to watch dolphins and whales playing among the waves. However, there is one key thing that you need to keep in mind, always think of your budget and book everything in advance as much as possible.