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Hiking Scotland’s mountains

Scotland is home to some of the most spectacular mountains in all of the British Isles.


SCOTLAND is where the 10 highest mountains in all of the United Kingdom can be found. The highest peak belongs to Ben Nevis which reaches 1344m and it can be found in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. In comparison, Mount Cook is almost 3 times that height. Ben Nevis, which can be seen below, attracts more than 100,000 people per year trying to climb to the peak.

Scotland - Ben Nevis

Although it’s clearly not Mt. Everest, attempting to climb Ben Nevis can have its hazards. The average high in summer at the peak only reaches 7 degrees while the low reaches -7. Now those aren’t terribly cold conditions when mentioned with a mountain, but add in the sudden snow storms and gale force winds and one can see that Ben Nevis is a formidable foe. With this in mind, make sure to be prepared with Geox apparel which not only will help you but could be the difference that makes your trip a success or failure.

Scotland second highest mountain is Ben Macdui at 1309m and is located in the Cairngorms. When the weather is clear the view from the peak is awe inspiring and something to behold.  For those who are lucky enough to get to the peak, the view alone is satisfaction for having undergone the hike.  If you have climbed a back home in New Zealand then these peaks will seem like a breeze for you. However, don’t get complacent because they can be tricky and it is important to have the proper outdoor clothing with you in case a storm brews up.

If these hikes are too strenuous for you, then a trip to the stunning Scottish Highlands in itself is something that has to be on your bucket list.