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Great week of touch summer finals come rain or come shine

The O2Touch Summer Season at Regents Park has come to an end with the Finals taking place for the Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings last week. All the teams were ready to take on their final matches using all the skills they had learnt over the past 8 weeks.


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The Tuesday league was the first to have their Finals evening and it kicked off with a bang! In the Mens League Frosty Boys took on Chip and Chase in a mentally and physically tough match. Both teams tried their best but in the end Frosty Boys edged ahead to win 5 – 3 over Chip and Chase.

Then there were some more close finals in the Mixed Divisions, Green & Gold lost to Honey Badgers 6 – 3 in the Mixed Division 1 Final. In the Mixed Division 2 Perfect Strangers won 5 – 4 in a close game against Thunder from Down Under.

In another tight game in the Mixed Division 3, Ladies Love to Dump took on Switcharoos in their final and Switcharoos won the game 4 – 3. Finally in the Mixed Division 4 league it was a great game to watch with many touchdowns scored. Laser Cats won the match comfortably with a 10 – 4 win over Investec Social Zebras.

Next up we have the Regents Park Wednesday League Finals. First up was the Mens Division with To Affinity and Beyond vs Good Touch Bad Touch, this proved to be a fantastic match with amazing skills and teamwork on show to give To Affinity and Beyond the win over Good Touch Bad Touch, 7 – 2. The Mixed Divisions had some very different scores and outcomes.

In the Mixed Division 1, Infinity Awesome won their final 9 – 2 against Dillon Can’t Read. Then Nachos took on Victorious Secret and tried their best but Victorious Secret edged ahead with a 5 – 3 win in the Mixed Division 2 League. With the Mixed Division 3 Magic Touch – Legends won their match with a comfortable lead and winning 8 – 2 over No Woman No Try.

With the Final Mixed Division 4 Cognifide Ballsers put in everything they had to take on Magic Touch – All Stars but it just proved to be not enough as Magic Touch – All Stars went on the win the match 13 – 3.

With a thunderstorm taking place an hour before the teams played their Finals on the Thursday evening at Regents Park it was looking to be a difficult evening of touch. However the rain stopped and the sun came out just in time to see some great Touch games.

We had Artful Dodgers taking on Rocky Raiders in the Mens Division and what a game it was. It was one for one and eventually the game ended in a tie, which meant of course the dreaded Drop – Off (all spectators love watching this exciting way of getting a winner) The game went down to 4 players on each team and Rocky Raiders scored the winning touchdown with a 6 – 5 victory.

Then in the Mixed Division 1, the Artful Dodgers Mixed team went head to head with EY. In a closely contested match Artful Dodgers nudged ahead and won the game 6 – 4. Last up was the Mixed Division 2 Final where Fiendish Feet won their game against Can’t Touch This 5 – 0.

It was a fantastic week of touch at Regents Park and with the last of the Summer Season finishing on Monday evening; the teams have showed their appreciation of all the Referees and Venue Managers that put in a lot of effort and commitment into getting the Leagues up and running night in and night out.

There are some more leagues coming up at Regents Park in the next few weeks and the registrations are still open for any teams to enter. If you would like some more information on these upcoming leagues then please have a look on www.in2touch.com or you can contact us on 020 8542 0827.