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Gina: A powerful short film on the choice of assisted dying in New Zealand

“A woman suffering an extreme genetic disorder argues for her right to choose when and how she dies.”


Gina 2

Gina tells the story of a woman’s journey with a cruel genetic illness and provides a compelling argument for why people should be allowed the choice of assisted dying if their everyday circumstances constitute cruel and unusual suffering.

“A cruel genetic illness has left Gina bed-bound for years; sound and light cause her body further damage, and she is unable to talk. Through the film, Gina expresses her belief that she should have the right to choose if, and when, and how she might die.”

Wellington-based Director, Wendell Cooke, explained more about the documentary:

“Our motivation was to make a film that opened people’s eyes to a movement in New Zealand that provides terminally ill and elderly people with information about end-of-life choice. We wanted to highlight the current gap in the law for people who may want to consider ending their lives because of illness, and the impact that this gap has on everyday people.”

Wendell continues, “We built up a picture of Gina’s situation and position that she, and only she, should have the right to choose whether or not she goes on living. We felt that if we could just communicate this to an audience it would go right to the heart of why there needs to be a law change in New Zealand.”

Watch Gina on Loading Docs here:



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